Learned Calm – Control Anxiety


The surface of a pool of water needs to be calm reflect things clearly.Your mind is the same. When you learn to deliberately soothe your emotions, you can begin to see more clearly and act more confidently.

  • Introduction (5 minutes). Teaches you a powerful breathing technique you can use to soothe your emotions whenever you need to.
  • Self hypnosis relaxation (18 minutes). This deeply relaxing self hypnosis relaxation track will allow you to get used to feeling deeply calm and relaxed again and again until it becomes second nature.


You’ve had the experience of feeling really worried about something then on a different day finding the situation seems manageable even though nothing has changed about the situation. What would it be like to make that happen more often?

The reason it happens is the way your emotions, your thinking and your actions feed into each other.

You know you should deal with something. But even thinking about it gets you anxious. Then you start imagining the worst. Eventually it seems too overwhelming so you put it off for another time.

That’s the pattern: Feeling anxious makes you think anxious makes you act anxious.

Sometimes that cycle can get ‘stuck’ even when the initial trigger has gone leaving you restless, unable to concentrate, and vulnerable to other problems.

healthy-changeHealthy change happens by unravelling that cycle. Calming your feelings helps you straighten your thoughts helps you choose new ways to act.

CBT- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – focuses on straightening your thoughts (cognitive) and choosing new actions (behaviour). They are both great. But you know that when your emotions are all over the place, your thinking and ability to act go out of the window.

And there is a clear neurological reason for that. Your emotional reactions (amygdala and limbic system) happen first and stack the deck for your thinking brain (neocortex) from the outset. If you are angry, you have angry thoughts. If you are sad, you have sad thoughts. And if you are anxious, you have anxious thoughts. Those thoughts then drive your behaviour.

That is why it is so important to be able to calm yourself down when you need to.

But if you have been stuck feeling anxious for a while, it can be hard to find that ‘path’ back to feeling peaceful again. It is as if the path to peace has become overgrown.

The good news is that if you start making a habit of going down that path to peace a few times, it becomes clearer and easier to follow.

A few more times and it can begin to become instinctive so you can feel calm easily when you need to.

This relaxation training and hypnosis session will

  • teach you a powerful way to deliberately calm yourself down>
  • guide you into deep relaxation
  • help you embed triggers of your choosing to take yourself back to calm when you need to.

By learning how to calm your anxiety deliberately when you choose to, you will be acquiring a valuable tool that you can use whenever you want to stay calm, think calm and act calm. Opening the door for you to feel better and act effectively to address your situation.