Photo by Thao Le Hoang on Unsplash

You are more than an instrument for others to play, good warrior.

More than a puppet on their strings

More than an eager pupil thinking good grades will save your soul.

You’ve been entrusted with a gift to deliver to the world.  It’s not yours to throw away.

Like a stone sharpening a knife, your speaking up helps others see more clearly.

Like beach pebbles polishing each other as they’re tossed by the sea, your hard edges make others’ rough parts smooth.

Like a key in a lock, your refusals and inflicted losses also open hearts.

No time to waver, brave warrior. You have a job

To rescue your treasure from the dragons of fear and self judgment.

To sharpen your sword of understanding.

To deepen your courage for action.

And open your heart for your mission.

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