You Know What to Do to Support Yourself

It’s coming up to bonfire season here in the UK, which has me thinking of fires (which I love!)

To light a fire, you need to

  • find some matches
  • use them to light some paper or twigs
  • build from there

If you’re like many people reconnecting with themselves, though, your process might look more like this:

  • Look for tips
  • Read or hear a good idea
  • Feel a bit better
  • Not get round to doing it
  • Feel bad again
  • Look for more tips
  • etc etc

That’s why it can feel like you’re always going back to the start. It’s like continually going out looking for more matches instead of striking the ones you’ve got.

Learning matters but when it becomes a substitute for taking the next small step, it’s getting in the way.

Part of you knows what would nourish you today and this week: Maybe putting on some music, meditating, journaling or a having an honest conversation.

So take a moment to let that quiet, wise part of you tell you what would truly nourish you today and this week.

Don’t worry about whether you can do it just yet. Just allow yourself to hear what it is. Allow a few things if you want. Write them down.

Now pick the things you can do and instead of looking for more information, figure out how you can take those next small steps.

For the things you can’t do, realise that you know what they are, you just aren’t able to do them yet.

You don’t need more matches today. Just use the ones you have.

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