Build Your “No” To Free Your “YES!”

Experiential online coaching call
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Some say “sorry” is the hardest word.  Often, though, the hardest word is “no.”  

But it’s vital. 

Your “no” frees you up to say a big “YES!” to what you want in your life.  The things you care about.  What you wish for yourself and for others. 

Your “no” is like a garden fence that stops the flowers from getting trampled and allows them to flourish.

But it’s not always easy. Maybe you

  • Say “yes” when you shouldn’t then end up feeling resentful
  • Fear being disapproval so you don’t say anything
  • Know it’s time to speak up, but find the words stick in your throat
  • Say “no” in such a way that people don’t know you mean it
  • Lose track of what you really care about what you really want to say “YES!” to

If recognise any of these in yourself, consider joining this experiential online coaching call. We’ll use gentle movement, coaching and small group discussion to help you use your body intelligence to get better at

  • Embracing what you want to say YES! to
  • Noticing when it’s time to say “no”
  • Embodying your “no” so people know you mean it
  • Accepting people’s responses to your “no”
  • Following through on your “no”

You’ll come away with an embodied sense of how you can develop and some specific steps you can apply in your life.

From the last session

“It helped me to gain more awareness about how I have been relating to others in my life, especially to my loved ones.”
Pilar, Spain


“I was impressed how little exercises can work and how much I can learn, without even leaving my house. Andrew gave us very clear instructions. He was serious and present and at the same time he filled the virtual room with a sense of humour.”
Julia, Berlin


“It made me realise how easily I get stuck in unhelpful patterns and gave me insight on how I could shift my state of mind through my body.”


“I really enjoyed the relational practice and really felt how important it is to ask clearly for what I want.”


Practical information

The session will be 6-7pm GMT on Thursday 14th November. I’ll be available after for any further questions. You can check your local time here.

You can join from any device. You will need a stable internet connection and a place where you can engage without being disturbed.

There will be a recording of the session but you will get the most from it by attending live.

Refunds: If for any reason I am not able to deliver the session or the recording, I will refund your payment.

To join, simply click here to pay £5 (about $6.50) through Paypal and I will send you joining instructions.

**** Sorry. Places no longer available. Join my email list to hear about the next one. ****

Andrew Cain

If you’d like to ask a question, please use the comments at the bottom or email me at

I look forward to working you on Thursday.


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