Love and Accept Yourself

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Welcome to this special gift for subscribers to my newsletter to help you learn to be more loving and accepting towards yourself.  (Not a subscriber?  You can join at the bottom.)

You might be in the position of knowing there are plenty of positive things about you, but just not feeling it.

This can sometimes lead to unhelpful habits of always looking for positive feelings from outside through rescuing, people pleasing or a whole host of other habits.  There’s nothing wrong with being kind to others, but emotionally depending on it can get you in trouble. 

So part of loosening the rescuing, people pleasing habit is learning to give yourself the basic love, acceptance and approval you probably already give to others.  Then you’ll be able to be kind to others out of a fully free choice, not just out of habit or need for approval.

It includes a 10 minute introduction followed by a 25 minute relaxing guided meditation / self hypnosis experience specially designed to help you reconnect with feeling more loving towards yourself.

Most people find it best to listen several times – every day for a week, for example – to help absorb the feelings and changes more fully.  Let me know how you get on with it. 

Below are downloadable versions you can save to your device.

If you’re on an iPhone or iPad and want to download the recording, use the SoundCloud download link in the top right of the image above, which I’m told fixes a playback problem some people had. Any problems, let me know.

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