Making Friends With Boundaries

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For many people, the struggle with boundaries isn’t saying ‘no’.  The problem is that it feels selfish, wrong or anxiety inducing.  So you clam up and feel resentful instead.

It is good to have some skill around what to say and how.

But the other half is feeling OK about it: Feeling and knowing that it is a valuable, caring thing to do.

This course is to help you allow yourself to feel good about setting boundaries so you can stop feeling resentful and let others connect with you as who you really are.


  • You want to have more balanced relationships but setting boundaries feels alien and wrong so you don’t do it
  • You’ve learned some assertiveness techniques but you just can’t bring yourself to put them into practice.

The Course

We use a combination of loosening unhelpful thinking, building body awareness, visualisation, discussion and practice to start removing some of the most common blocks that might stop you standing up for yourself such as

  • “I’ve overriden how I feel for so long, I find it hard to know what I want.”
  • “Standing up for myself is selfish. It feels wrong.”
  • “I’m afraid of their reaction and/or damaging our relationship”
  • “Even when I say ‘no’, people don’t think I mean it.”

You’ll have a chance to get out of some of the thinking and feeling traps that can keep you stuck

You’ll develop your body awareness to help you reconnect with your needs and start identifying what is a ‘yes’ for you and what is a ‘no’.

You’ll learn some strategies and have a plan for how to reinforce your learning in the future.


Attitude, not magic bullets:  This course is about your ‘inner game’ – how you think and feel about setting boundaries.  It doesn’t address “What should I say to person X in situation Y?” kinds of questions.  That’s for another time or a one-to-one session, although it becomes much easier when you feel OK about it.

Baby steps:  If you have struggled with a particular issue for years, it’s unlikely that one class will suddenly change everything.  As an analogy, one yoga class won’t fix years of back pain.  But regular practice can.  It’s the same here.  Each nourishing baby step makes you feel better for the next step and the next one. It’s unlikely you will have explored boundaries in these ways before so you have a very good chance of making some breakthroughs at a much lower cost than what would otherwise take several sessions of one-to-one coaching.


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