Break the Blame Trap – Stop being a victim and reclaim your power

Double Agent

Blame operates as a double agent.

It pretends to be on your side while slowly making you its victim.

It exploits an inbuilt weakness in human psychology to temporarily relieve your pain while quietly stealing your power.

That’s why if you want to become more empowered in challenges and conflicts, you need to break the blame trap.

And it is precisely when you are most certain everything is someone else’s fault, that you need to break the trap the most.

This short guide will help you stop letting blame turn you into a victim and become better at negotiating for what you want.

You will learn

  • How blame double crosses you
  • Six ways blame steals your power
  • The inbuilt weakness in human psychology blame exploits to make you helpless
  • How to turn blame and resentment into holding people to account
  • How to use the ‘pain iceberg’ to disentangle different parts of a conflict
  • Eight ways to deal with your triggered emotions
  • Eight ways to reclaim your power and start negotiating for what you want

This condensed 38 page guide encapsulates key takeaways from

  • blame and shame research
  • phobia and trauma healing
  • cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy
  • neuroscience, social psychology & embodied cognition
  • mindfulness meditation
  • self compassion
  • non-violent communication
  • assertiveness
  • negotiation strategies

Use it as a tool in itself and a window onto the next step on your path.

“Very informative and thought provoking.  Everyone should read and understand this, then we could all live more peaceful, happy lives!”
Julie, UK

“A profound yet accessible analysis of how we can come to terms with blame in our lives.”
P. Donovan

“This short and very rich book will unblock all kinds of negative patterns of thinking and acting. We all do this and this book stops it being misery making and instead helps the reader creates good patterns of thinking, acting, being and doing. Its much better than most books on the self-help shelves.”
Amazon Customer

“For anyone who wants to take responsibility in their life and feel more in control.”
Viv Craske

“A bouillon cube of good advice :)”
Line, Denmark

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